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September 2017

IVECO® P/N: IV2854543 Pressure Limiting Valve - FPT Iveco NEF 4.5/6.7
IVECO® P/N:   IV2854606 Inlet Adapter - Injector [Fuel Tube w/Seal]
IVECO® P/N:   IV2855491 Fuel Injector - FPT Iveco NEF 4.5/6.7 [Tier 3]
IVECO® P/N:   IV4890190 Sensor - Cam Positioning [Speed][Tier 3]
IVECO® P/N:   IV4890193 Sensor - Oil Pressure - FPT Iveco NEF 4.5/6.7
DEUTZ® P/N:   M4133260 Adapter Sleeve - TD/TCD2.9 [Sensor Mounting]
DEUTZ® P/N:   M4199808 Cable Harness - BFM1012/13
DEUTZ® P/N:   M4286604 Gl.Time Contr.Unit
DEUTZ® P/N:   M4506516 Bracket [Oil Pump/Tacho-Generator] - 2012/4.1/6.1
DEUTZ® P/N:   M4508244 Return Line - Turbo - BF4M2012
DEUTZ® P/N:   M4905490 By-Pass Component - TCD 2013 [Oil Cooler Box]
DEUTZ® P/N:   M7618032008 T Fitting
MERCEDES BENZ® P/N:     MB4600380050 Rod Bushing Set - MBE4000/OM460 (Semi Finished)
MERCEDES BENZ® P/N:   MB4720530026 Valve Cone/Collet/Keeper/Cotter - DD15
MERCEDES BENZ® P/N:   MB4721800509 Oil Filter [Insert] - DD15/OM472
MERCEDES BENZ® P/N:   MB472473VG Valve Guide - DD15/OM472
MERCEDES BENZ® P/N:   MB4730500126 Intake Valve - DD15/OM472 & DD16/OM473
MERCEDES BENZ® P/N:   MB4730500127 Exhaust Valve - DD15/OM472 & DD16/OM473
VOLVO® P/N:   VP20580558 Rod Bearing Set [STD] - D13/MP8 [6 Cyl.]
VOLVO® P/N:   VP20858451 Liner - D13/MP8 [131.00 mm]
VOLVO® P/N: VP21041800 Piston Complete [STD] - D13/MP8 [EPA 07]

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