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October 2017

Brand Part No. Line Item Description
Volvo® P/N: C25710/3 Air Filter
Volvo® P/N: CF710 Secondary Element
Iveco® P/N: IV2830445 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold [Tier 2]
Iveco® P/N: IV2855503 Fuel Rail - FPT Iveco NEF 4.5 [Teir 2/3]
Iveco® P/N: IV4895133 Gasket - Turbo/Ex.Man - FPT Iveco NEF 4.5
Iveco® P/N: IV4895180 Tappet - NEF 4/6 Cyl. [Valve]
Iveco® P/N: IV4899632 Exhaust Valve - F4GE0484/0684
Iveco® P/N: IV504047581 Oil Pump - F4AE0681 [6 Cylinder]
Iveco® P/N: IV8094845 Ring Set [STD]- FPT Iveco NEF 4.5/6.7 [Tier 3]
Kubota® P/N: KB1J550-21112 Piston [STD] - Kubota V3800 DI
Kubota® P/N: KB1J550-21910 Piston [O/S]- Kubota V3800 DI [0.50 MM]
Deutz® P/N: M1137907 Hex Bolt
Deutz® P/N: M1149123 Torx Hd Bolt
Deutz® P/N: M1173560 Starter Motor - 24V/4kW - 1013/2012/912
Deutz® P/N: M4123112 Torx Hd Bolt 2.9/3.6 injector hold down
Deutz® P/N: M4133060 EGR Cooler Module [12V] - D 2.9 L4
Deutz® P/N: M4212575 Interconnect Cable - TCD2012 2V
Deutz® P/N: M4265310 Shuttle Valve [EGR] - TD/TCD 2.9/4.1/6.1/7.8
Deutz® P/N: M4283082 Top Part - BF4M1012 [Air Ducting]
Deutz® P/N: M4504488 Fuel Injector - TCD4.1L04 [CR]
MAN® P/N: MA6569362479 Turbo Elbow O-Ring
Volvo® P/N: VP20545620 Gasket - Oil Pan - D13/MP8 [Steel Pan]
Volvo® P/N: VP21545620 Gasket Kit [Lower] - D13/MP8 [w/Crank. Seal]

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